Tanker Mars Mars tanker Test Weigs 46 DWT Length 183 M Sandar In Multipurpose Terminal Port of Kuala Tanjung


20 April 2018 —¬†Mars Tanker Tanker Test with 46 DWT weight and 183 Meter length and 13 Meter Draft is trying to dock at Terminal Multipurpose Port of Kuala Tanjung Batu bara North Sumatra owned by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I Belawan Thursday, 19/4 at 10:45 pm.

This ship pilot and freight activity was attended by the General Manager of Pelindo 1 Branch Kuala Tanjung Richard Siahaan, Operational Director of PT Prima Multi Terminal Asmo Budi, Head of KSOP Kuala Tanjung Tumbaksyah, and representatives from the Ministry of Transportation.

The Tuvalu-flagged Tanker Mars is the second ship to dock at the Port of Kuala Tanjung as part of a trial operation of Kuala Tanjung Multipurpose Terminal dock run by PT Prima Multi Terminal,

As a subsidiary of a joint venture between Pelindo 1, PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero), and PT Waskita Karya (Persero).

In a test of the Mars MT tanker, two times docked on both sides of the 500m-long container and liquid dock with two tugs with a total capacity of 6,600 HP.The piloting of this tanker is a requirement to get operational permit from the Ministry of Transportation, Asmo Budi, Director of Operations at PT Prima Multi Terminal, said.

However, the development of Port of Kuala Tanjung is done gradually, with phase I is the construction of Multipurpose Terminal which has a capacity of 600 thousand TEUs. Various facilities and equipment loading and unloading goods in the terminal,

Among them are: 3 units of Ship to Shore (STS) Crane, 8 units of Automated Rubber Tyred Gantry (ARTG) Crane, 21 units of truck terminal, and 2 Mobile Harbor Crane (MHC) units as well as Terminal Operating System (TOS) .

Furthermore, phase II will be done Industrial Development 3000 Ha, stage III Dedicated Development / Hub Port, and stage IV Development of Integrated Industrial Zone. Capacity of Kuala Tanjung Port will be prepared to reach 20 million TEUs which will be increased gradually until 2023.

Multipurpose Port of Kuala Tanjung. After this test, on the side of the pier is planned there will be an operational test that is expected in May after the equipment in the form of two MHC units came, explains Asmo Budi.

In addition, on the same day for the second time Cruise Ship MV Superstar Libra also docked at Terminal Multipurpose Port of Kuala Tanjung at 06.00 pm. Cruise ships that have a length of 216 meters and 7.15 meters draft brings more than 700 foreign tourists (tourists) to make a visit to Lake Toba and Medan City.

Source Tanker Mars Mars tanker Test Weigs 46 DWT Length 183 M Sandar In Multipurpose Terminal Port of Kuala Tanjung

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