Sarinah Participates in Safari Ramadhan Event


On 24th June 2016, Sarinah in cooperation with Indonesia’s State Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs participated in the Safari Ramadhan event held at the modern retailer’s Thamrin, Malang, Banyumanik, and Ungaran locations. The annual programme aims to provide nine competitively-priced staple goods for the country’s low to middle income communities; these goods include rice, sugar, beef, milk, eggs, and cooking oil among other ingredients. President Director of Sarinah, Ms Ira Puspadewi attended the event in Jakarta alongside senior-level management members of state owned enterprises PT Perum Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia and PT PANN Multi Finance. Sarinah’s management in Malang was joined by PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia, and PT Kawasan Industri Wijayakusuma at Sarinah’s Ungaran location.

The recently-held Safari Ramadhan programme is a continuation of Sarinah’s corporate social responsibility initiatives to support the welfare of surrounding and nearby communities. In upholding this commitment, Sarinah is set to donate 2% of its total retail profit during the month of Ramadhan to selected orphanages as part of the retailer’s “Ramadhan Pahala” initiative. Furthermore, Sarinah also distributed gift packages to 25 orphans at the event in Jakarta in keeping with its mission to improve the lives of Indonesia’s young generation. Sarinah is expected to extend its participation as the Safari Ramadhan event is due to take place throughout various cities in Indonesia.

Source Sarinah Participates in Safari Ramadhan Event

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